Image of how far one can go with a time of 30 minutes while driving (starting from Beverly Hills, CA)When it comes to time and distance, my customers want to know how long not how far. Many researchers agree thirty to forty minutes is how long most people are willing to commute or wait for packages to be immediately delivered. With this in mind, using Beverly Hills as the ground zero for ecommerce destinations, North Gardena is well within the time limit and an overall faster location to reach than much closer origination points such as Inglewood, LAX, or even Marina Del Rey. North Gardena has superior access to the 110/105/405 corridor that can reach many of the high demographic zip codes of West LA, Santa Monica, Encino, Beach Cities, Pasadena and Downtown. Many delivery companies want to reach these destinations as fast as possible. Pharma, cannabis, food, and products being advertised on Tik Tok or Instagram are examples of goods that provide immediate gratification. For these vendors, it’s time, not distance.

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